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Process = Performance

It's a business truism that the most successful companies remain fluid so they can adapt to changing marketing conditions quickly and aggressively. The same can be said of the most successful RPOs. And to do that they must have the process and professionalism that can turn on a dime, while keeping the quality of service consistently high. This is where Hyrian distinguishes itself from all other RPOs.

Hyrian's Distributed RecruitmentTM process combines supply chain, capacity planning, assembly line and quality control practices adapted from the manufacturing industry, for a scientific and proactive approach to large-scale, complex recruitment.

Specialists in all phases of the recruiting process, from sourcing and advertising, to in-depth interviewing, to background investigation, work in concert on each requisition to ensure every phase of the process runs smoothly and efficiently. This gives HR professionals and hiring managers a more predictable, controlled, quality experience across thousands of reqs, no matter how many changes of direction.

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