About Hyrian

We live by our code.

Hyrian delivers on a 100% unwavering commitment to professionalism. All Hyrian employees operate under a Code of Ethics designed to ensure total customer satisfaction.

We strongly adhere at all times to the following principles:

  • Discovery: We will not propose or commence any program without completely understanding our clients' needs and goals.
  • Disclosure: Open and continuous communication is the foundation of a successful relationship. All material information gathered on behalf of a client, either positive or negative, will be promptly reported to the appropriate client representative.
  • Discretion: Hyrian will at all times act to protect the proprietary and confidential information of our clients.
  • Diversity: Hyrian conscientiously complies with national, state and local laws governing equal opportunity in hiring.
  • Discipline: Hyrian only accepts programs for which a client will permit us to dedicate an appropriate amount of resources. All programs we accept adhere to carefully planned service level agreements and implementation guidelines and timetables.

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