Our Services

We'll help you get your candidate.

From trial close, to offer, to negotiation, we'll help you close the deal, saving you valuable time and money. Because of our experience with tens of thousands of hires, we have developed the best practices to handle these very delicate matters.

The Trial Close
Especially in a tight employment market, you want to make sure that the best candidates accept your offer. By utilizing the proven trial close procedure, a best practice for sales organizations, Hyrian recruiters take the time to clarify and confirm the candidate's needs and goals, so that you make the smartest, most fiscally responsible offer, without risking rejection or bad faith.

By keeping constant contact, managing expectations and maintaining objectivity, Hyrian ensures that any negotiations of compensation, perks and other job issues, are handled professionally and cordially. This way, obstacles are overcome in an equitable manner with the least possible friction between you and your new employee.

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